Thursday, June 9, 2011

The PREMIER post

I've been impatiantly awaiting the day where I have enough information to justify a blog post--TODAY IS THAT DAY!

I will be living in the town of Braine l'Alleud--with a "small" population of 30,000 (10x more than my current home town!) It's in Wallonia, so I'll be speaking French. Braine l'Alleud is just south of Brussels and near Waterloo--so lost of history!

I've recieved the names of all three of my host families, but I've only talked to my host father of my fist family, Fabien Degryse. He's the only English speaker in the family, so I'll have plenty of oppertunity to speak French! He's also a musician, which is really cool because I was afraid I was going to sorely miss my viola. He seems to have maybe figured out away for me to go to the local music school and borrow one of their violas, which is really really kind and awesome. I have two host sisters, who are older and moved out, and two host brothers. One will be away in the USA (doing rotary exchange! Comme moi!) And the other is sometimes home. So I will be alone, unless one of my host brother's friends decideds to live with the family, which I guess is a possibility!

I have my visa, and I leave August21st!