Sunday, August 21, 2011

False Alarm

We drove to Manchester airport at 11:30 with both my parents, my aunt, my sister and my friend in tow. I checked my overweight bag, ate an airport lunch of chili cheese fries and a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I said teary goodbyes, went through security, got a comment on my socks, and had to have my carry-on searched for suspicious looking candles. I made it just in time to board the plane, sit down, and listen to a cute Belgian family next to me. And then they had us get off the plane because the weather was too iffy in DC. There was a stressful 45 minutes of United Airlines personnel trying to convince me to take a taxi to Boston and catch a flight there to Munich and then to Brussels, but luckily my family hadn't left yet and was able to deal with someone a little more level headed, who was able to get me the exact same flight for tomorrow! So I'm sitting at home in an awkward limbo of having said my goodbyes and not leaving.
Belgium tomorrow...or, rather, I LEAVE for Belgium tomorrow, I'll get there on Tuesday!

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